Closing Out Old Energetic Loops Akashic Journey

You've tried it all - release rituals, energy work, meditation, coaching, mindset reframing, affirmations... And yet you still keep bumping up against the same blocks, the same karmic loops over and over again.

It feels like you just can't get ahead, like these blocks are just a part of you - but in reality, you're just not going deep enough.

The Akasha is the world's most powerful healing tool. It is a field of infinite possibility, creation, love and healing. I'm going to guide you through clearing soul-level blocks that have been keeping you in these loops and feeling like you're constantly swimming upstream.

In this audio, I'm going to take you on a journey to remember your truth and clear out what is not in resonance with your highest timeline.

By connecting with your soul through the akashic records, you are able to move through constriction & limitation and reclaim your sovereign power as an entrepreneur and leader.

Hi, I'm Danielle

Danielle Venables is a certified Flower of Life™ Advanced Akashic Women's Guide, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Business Coach. She is the founder of the Radiant Soul brand and co-creator of the Priestess Within Membership.  She works with clients on a soul-somatic level to create shifts at the level of identity and bring through each woman's unique essence by clearing out outdated karmic patterns that are standing in the way of their soul's mission, expression and evolution in this lifetime through the Akashic Records.  Danielle holds women as they reclaim the parts of themselves that they've turned off, repressed and buried in exchange for acceptance and safety, and untangles the soul level blocks that are preventing her fullest expression.  She weaves this unique, soul-led approach with her business expertise to help clients create businesses that are in true alignment and feel expansive, authentic and sustainable. Her radical approach to conscious leadership is shaking up the business world as she hands women the keys to their own quantum success.

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